Hey guys, recently I’ve been getting too many requests to help create skin care routines according to skin type. So much so that I’ve been finding myself creating a routine for someone every single day, sometimes for 3 people in one day. Do not get me wrong, I love doing it, and I’ll still reply to every single one of your queries, but I thought it would be easier for all of us if I created routines according to every skin type. I will be starting with oily acne prone skin, because this is the most requested routine.

  • Oil Cleanser:

Unlike the popular belief that oil can break out your skin, Korean oil cleansers work like ‘fighting oil with oil’. The oil cleansers help get rid of excess sebum and on the plus note: it works like a makeup remover as well. And it gets better. Korean cleansing oils take a white liquidy form when it comes in contact with water, thus you don’t have to rub your skin with a cotton pad in order to get rid of your stubborn makeup. As the saying goes, you treat your skin like a flower, not a dirty kitchen pan, well, something like that.

Best oil cleanser for oily Skin:  Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil

  • Cleanser:

If you think that going after a harsh cleanser is a good way of getting rid of excess oil, think again. Using a cleanser containing low pH is really crucial.


Contrary to what the name suggest, it can be used both during morning and night.

  • Wash Off:

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask , this is one of my favourite wash off masks, sucks out all the sebum from deep within the pores. You know how important that is for oily skin beauties, right? Can be used 2-3 times a week.

  • Toner :

This is one of the most underrated step. Not only does a toner helps balance the pH level of our skin, it also plays a crucial roll in the skincare routine, especially for oily skin beauties. You see excess oil production results in enlarged pores which gets clogged resulting in acne. By using a deep cleansing wash off mask and an exfoliator we are unclogging those pores, and toner helps take care of those pores.

KLAIRS SUPPLE PREPARATION FACIAL TONER is meant for sensitive skin and fights inflammation.

  • Exfoliator:

Exfoliating is very important, especially if you have oily and acne prone skin. A lot of people are under the impression that people with acne prone skin should exfoliate less often than people with dry skin. Here’s the truth, more oil production means, more sebum and more clogged pores, resulting in acne. To fight the acne, you must unclog the pores, that is why exfoliating is really essential for people with oily skin.

Unlike physical exfoliators (scrubs) , chemical exfoliators are milder and gentler, and they deep clean pores to further fight against acne. Physical exfoliators only slough off the dead skin cells on the surface. Chemical exfoliators goes work deep underneath to deep clean and dissolve any impurities from deep within the pores


*Caution: BHA can sometimes result in initial breakout since it goes deep within the pores and literally push out any bacteria hidden beneath, it’s called purging. So if the BHA is breaking you out, don’t be alarmed, it will calm down in a few days.

  • Essence:

A lot of people with oily skin have the idea that they don’t need moisturization. Truth is, if you deprive your skin of the moisturization, your skin will compensate with producing more oil than needed. Result: break out.


  • Serum/Ampoule:

This is one power packed step and you need to choose one that doesn’t clog pores.


  • Sheet Mask:

Choosing a sheet mask according to your skin is very important. If you have an oily skin and you use a super moisturizing mask, your skin is doomed.

COSRX HOLY MOLY SNAIL MASK which also comes in a kit, or sheet mask containing tea tree oil from your preferred brand. Once or twice a week.

  • Moisturizer/Night Cream

Flashback to the part where I said you require a moisturizer as much as dry skin beauties does. But using mild, and preferably gel based moisturizer is really important. You can use a single moisturizer during your morning or night time regimen, or you can use a moisturizer during the morning and night cream during the night.

Moisturizer: MIZON SNAIL RECOVERY GEL , – can be used both during day and night


  • Eye Cream:

Once you’ve reached +25, you must use an eye cream before the damage is already done. Using a lightweight eye cream is preferable.

Missha Super Aqua Ultra Water-Full Clear Cream

  • Sun Protection:

KLAIRS MID-DAY BLUE SUN LOTION or a cushion compact according to your choice.

Lastly, I would suggest not trying too many new products at once. The safest way to build a new routine is by not experimenting with more than 1 product in two weeks. That way, you can you can also be sure which one of the new product is responsible for which particular result. Also, do check out the ingredient list before ordering as there might me ingredients that you are sensitive to.

That’s it. That’s the routine for oily, acne prone skin. If you have any queries, or if you have any specific routine request, do let me know.

Till then, bye.


24 thoughts on “Korean Skincare Routine For Oily, Acne Prone Skin”

  1. Hi . I tried tea tree oil with aloe soothing mist and also cosrx toner and at the same time using etude house baking powder. At first my face gets better but as time goes by my acne is spreading over my cheeks and chin, What can you recommend ?

    Thank you so much:)

    1. Oh God! you used too many products at the same time. Since you didn’t specify the products I can’t really tell what went wrong but stop using everything.After a few days start using the products one by one. so you can tell which one is working which one is not. As of me, I think the baking powder may be the culprit.

  2. Hi! I am 18 year old and I have oily combination skin and my eyes are extremely dry to Acne medication.If I try applying any kind of moisturizer or cream it burns my eyes.I have acne prone dehydrated sensitive skin.What products do you recommend? Thankyou❤

    1. Um… i’m not sure what to suggest since your eye area is extra sensitive. You can try secret key eye treatment. If it doesn’t work, you may ask your dermatologist. Also, if I were you I would slowly stop using medicated products and switch to Korean products meant for acne prone skin.

  3. Hi there, recently I bought klairs toner and white seed serum. As my skin is super oily, it breaks out pretty often, and I have butterfly shape pigmentation right across my cheekbone to lower cheeks. And black heads and enlarge pores too. Well , can you suggest me good cleanser and few other valuable tips. I am willing to purchase all Korean brands.

    1. You can try cosrx good morning low pH Gel cleanser and also search for ‘temporary pore shrinking method’ on my blog and follow it once or twice a week.

  4. Mine is mature skin ,oily, white and black heads,few large pores and puffy under-eye area with dark circles. Can you please suggest a routine with suggested products

    1. You can try klairs cleansing oil, cosrx low pH cleanser, Mizon collagen 100, collagen & pomegranate sheetmasks twice a week, mizon firming eye cream, mizon power lifting collagen cream and klairs mid day blue sun lotion.

  5. I believe you wrote this post exclusively for me! I have an oily skin and I am so scared of using variety of products for the obvious fear of breakouts. Now I am going to give korean products a try!!

  6. Not an oily skin though, but my skin definitely needs such treatment. The only wish I had was not to part so much time for this routine. But… no pain no gain huh? Thank you for sharing this valuable content Clara 😀

  7. So through & detailed
    You have listed out each & every item an oily skinned person would need
    Kudos for a job well done !

  8. Thank you so much for this post … You literally saved me … otherwise i have been going nuts which products will suit my oily acne prone and sensitive skin …

    1. Haha… I’m really glad you found this helpful. The best korean brands for oily and acne prone skin are cosrx and mizon and the best korean brand for sensitive skin is Klairs.

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