Hey guys, it’s that time of the month when I enjoy clearing some clutter from my dresser and my bathroom cabinet. This time I haven’t finished many products as I’ve been doing empties posts for some time now and I’ve already got rid of all the half empty bottles that has been sitting idly. Most of the products I’m currently using are almost new and so the empties posts might be a little shorter the next few months.

So here’s everything I’ve finished up this August.

  • Dewy Tree Deep Detox Black Mask: It’s my first black sheet mask and I got it from Daisy Skin Fix. I haven’t reviewed it yet since I used it just a few days but I LOVED it and I can’t wait to review it. Definitely going to repurchase.
  • Goodal Water Full Mask Collagen, Propolis & Hyaluronic Acid: I received these masks from Skinnmore- another K-beauty site based in India. I’ve reviewed the Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid Masks and I’m yet to review the propolis one.
  • The Natures Co. Green Clay Body Wrap: This was my absolute favourite. Even though I hated waiting in the bathroom to let it dry, and being the restless person that I am, I NEVER waited until the wrap was completely dry. I’ve always wondered if it’s still doing the job it’s meant to do. But honestly speaking, I really loved the experience, it’s like spa at home, and the smell… AH! It’s heaven. Even though it costs a bulk, I’ll still repurchase.
  • The Herb Boutique Body Polish: Another one of my body care favourites. I loved detanning with it after coming back from my trips and I loved it’s tangy smell. What’s unique about this body polish is that the tiny granules melt when the job is done, thus no worries about over exfoliating. Maybe I will repurchase it someday, but given to the fact that this was the first body polish that I used, I would love to experiment with more, and maybe I’ll still come back to it someday.
  • Just Herbs Malabar Lemongrass Shower Gel: Third body product from August, even if it’s just a trial size product, it became my summertime favourite in no time. I just love everything lemongrass during the summer.
  • Zenith Ultra Probiotic: Okay, I can talk about this one all day long. Remember how I suffered from a terrible skin infection for months and 2 dermatologists failed to recover my skin? This probiotic recovered my skin in a matter of just a week. After I started taking the probiotics, the inflammation reduced after taking the first supplement. The bumps soothed completely within 3 days and there were just some uneven skin that got even within a week. The bottle contains 30 capsules and my skin was glowing throughout that month. I’ll repurchase it, not right now since I just finished one bottle, but maybe by the beginning of next year.
  • Lass Natural Conditioner: I received the shampoo and conditioner duo for review purpose but my hair didn’t like the shampoo. My fine flat hair became frizzy after one usage so I gave it to my boyfriend who has a terribly oily scalp and his hair loved it. Coming back to the conditioner, yes I liked it, but I’m not going to repurchase.

Lastly, I also finished my eye cream last month, but the tub rolled far away from my sight and I noticed it only when I packed away my camera and threw away the empty bottles.

Anyway, these are the products I finished this month. Possibly next month, there will be too many empty sheet masks but a very few empty bottles. However that does not mean I’m clutter free as I’ve done some crazy hauls in the past few months.

2 thoughts on “August 2017 Empties”

  1. Sheet masks to definitely aapke empties me rahengey 😊
    Plz black mask ka review jarur kariye
    Lass natural conditioner k neechy wo space kisliye diya hai? Kya submit karna hai?

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