Remember the Sex And The City movie where the four girls enjoy an extravagant holiday on the Middle East? Well, I think every travel geek deserves such a lavish trip once in their life time. So I’m jotting down some of the best destinations in the Middle East that you might want to give a visit.
• Abu Dhabi:

What to see?
The city rich in culture and heritage has a lot to offer to the tourists including luxurious hotels, fine dining, places such as Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Khalifa Park, the souks, Heritage Village , Yas Island and many more.
How to reach?
You can get direct flights from any major airport to Abu Dhabi Airport.

• Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

What to see?
The capital and main financial hub of Saudi Arabia is a stunning place to visit. While you are there you can go bowling, shopping, camping and to desert adventures.
How to reach?
You can get direct flights from the major cities to King Khalid International Airport. Since Riyadh is the base of operations of the Saudi Airlines, there are frequent flights to and from almost every major city of the country.

• Doha, Qatar

Whenever someone says Qatar, I remember my first Christian Dior lipstick gifted by a distant sister-in-law from Qatar while I was still in high school. And then I cringe remembering how I let that lipstick just sit and expire given to the fact that I was a tomboy back in those days. Apart from the variety of shopping malls Doha has to offer, you can also visit the Museum of Islamic Art, Barzan Towers, Katara Beachand Aspire Park while you are there.
How to reach?
Direct flights from the major cities to the Doha International Airport.

• Cairo, Egypt:

The pre-historic architecture, the pyramids, the Sphinx, the beaches we’ve all got the idea from our high school history books.
How to reach?
You can choose between flights and cruise ships if you are thinking of visiting Cairo.

• Manama, Bahrain:

The capital of Bahrain is rich in culture, history and architecture. While you are there, you can visit the Al Fateh Grand Mosque, Bahrain National Museum, Arad Fort and Bab Al Bahrain.
How to reach?
One stop flights from the major cities.
Almost all the travel destinations in the Middle East are equally luxurious and rich in culture. No matter which city or country you choose (the safe ones) to visit, you are most likely to experience a trip of a life time.

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