I haven’t published my income report in a while because I literally haven’t worked much lately. The last 4 months has been a rollercoaster ride for me, including my personal life, my professional life and my family life. My family suffered some great loss during few months, 3 deaths in 3 months, and numerous medical emergencies including my own tumour diagnosis. I literally haven’t worked on March as I was in Bangalore for a few weeks, but I would be really ashamed if I calculate how much I spent. I came back home in the beginning of April and before I could even start working again, my uncle got hospitalized and fought for his life for a month and a few days. Needless to say I didn’t work on April as well. Sometimes after his death while everybody was struggling to get back to normal life, another series of mishaps followed. Nobody was in the situation of working but somehow time to time I did manage to open my laptop as it was my only way of staying sane. If I think of it, I would feel humiliated to publish my May and June income report as I rarely got the time and opportunity to work while my life rotated around hospitals and Church and the Cemetery, but thinking of it, probably most of my regular readers are aware of my situation thus I think it’s okay to publish my humiliating income report.

My income mostly relies sponsored posts and brand/website tie ups. Because it was a little difficult for me to follow up with them, I didn’t earn anything from my tie ups these months. The only website that I worked with hasn’t paid me yet, so I’ll include it next month (along with a couple of pending sponsored post payments).


Sponsored Posts: 7000RS

Guest Post: 800RS

Total : 7800RS


Beauty Subscription Box: 600RS

Products for Review: 2000 RS

Background Decor: 600Rs

Total: 3200Rs

Final income after investing:


Hopefully this rollercoaster ride will come to a stop soon so I can focus more on my blog. Till then Bye…

Previous month’s income report:

3 thoughts on “May & June 2017 Income Report”

  1. Yes, I know a bit abt yr situations……. Why y gone thru, it’s really tough…. I could feel more as my last mnt was some what similar…. to you….

    Last 3 week I too had to visit hospitals n nursing homes fr my meso admitted there….. His family tried utmost, bt failed to sav the life…. Passed away last Friday, even now I can’t believe my dearest meso is no more ….. Wud us….. Feels bad, n I understood ur position as well….. Tim will pass n things will change…..ur a brave girl so….. Need not worry dear….


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