Back when I was working as a Data Analyst there grew a trend in our office, searching for the best deals for online shopping. It all started when a guy joined our office and told us how he gets the best deal on everything; I mean literally everything, from mobile recharges to gifts for his girl friend. He used to provide us with coupons for everything we used to order and we became habituated paying less for everything. After he resigned, it kindda became a hobby for us to search for deals for things we didn’t even need to buy. Some eventually grew bored, some continued. I being probably the laziest in the office, never even bothered to look for a deal. Instead I kept a close look on who’s getting the best deals on what. I knew who to ask for getaway deals, who to ask for buffet deals, who to ask for recharge deals and who to ask for fashion deals. And guess what? They always had the coupons handy, whether they need it, or they don’t, they just happened to have the coupons with them all the time.

After I resigned I don’t remember hunting for deal even once, but my online shopping craze continued and even got worse ever since I came home to stay with my parents for a year. Who can you blame? I don’t easily get impressed with the shopping malls my hometown has to offer! I have been 100% dependent on online shopping ever since I came home. So sometimes back I remembered the coupon craze from my office days and I surfed a little and came across this site called CouponsJI. The site has got all the coupons you can think of, collaborated in one place. You can either look for coupons by directly clicking on the brand name, or you can search by category. Searching for the best deals has never been easier.

What is Couponsji- Online Couponing Site?

E-commerce site Couponsji offers discounts, coupons, and deals on the already discounted products that can help you save even more. Couponsji is a coupons & deals website that has products under different categories and brands at very reasonable price. Furthermore, this online shopping store gets you all the brands tempting offers, coupons, deals and discounts at one single place. This feature of Couponsji- Online Couponing Site is surely hard-to-ignore and best for frequent shoppers.

Some of my favourite deals:

Ajio Coupons :It’s a site focused on men, women and kids’ fashion. You can get some amazing deals using couponsji website.

Myntra Fashion Coupons: Myntra happens to be my boy friend’s favourite shopping site and since I have no power to control his shopping frenzy, I try controlling the bill by looking for the best deals using couponsji website.

Limeroad Coupons: My favourite site to get hand bags, backpacks, sling bags, shoes and most importantly home decor products. I just love their collection.

So when you are shopping online next time, you too can save some bucks by using couponsji website, am sure it will be worth it.




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  1. Seriously, I also use this site and I never get disappointed, they do have a large number of discount codes for various online shopping sites. in fact being a regular user of this site I have seen how its been growing since its foundation day. Now you would hardly find an Indian-based online shopping portal that is not associated with them. Name the big brands like ShoppesStop, Indiarush, Flipkart or Medlife they are working with businesses from every possible genre.

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