Hey guys, it’s with great excitement that I am going to announce something really huge (at least to me). There’s an online K-beauty store in India where you can get a massive collection of Korean Skincare Brands, brands you didn’t know were available in India. So rejoice Indian K-beauty addicts, you can now get your hands on a number of K-beauty brands now. You have to no more rely on Innisfree and The Face Shop or ship internationally, you can get them all hassle free right in India.

But first thing first, this is not a sponsored post but the products I received were kind of freebie. You might have noticed by now that this article is a bit different from my usual ones, the reason is my pure ecstasy over the fact that I can now get my hands on a huge collection of K-beauty products without having to ship internationally, this has been my dream for over the past few years. And the best part? They have free shipping on all orders.

How I discovered their site:

So I got a mail from their founder a few weeks back, introducing me to their site- http://www.daisy.net.in/ I went through the site, some of the products I craved for were OOS but I ordered a few sheet masks. For now they are only accepting bank deposit and bank transfer so you have to pay after you have placed your order. Right after I placed the order, I received a personal text from the founder that I don’t need to pay for my order, and within a few days I received my order along with two samples.

If you have been reading my blog regularly, you’ll know that my first online haul from any site is always small, so I settled with just a few sheet masks all the while eyeing their products from Missha, Tonymoly, Skinfood, Secret Key, The Saem and so on.

Skinfood, Tonymoly and Missha are probably my most favourite K-beauty brands. Other brands available at their site are-

COSRX, The FaceShop, Innisfree, Skinfood,Tonymoly, Missha, The Saem, Sulwhasoo, Mizon, Zymogen, Ciracle, Secret Key, Laneige, Son & Park, Nature Republic, Dear Clairs and many more.

After I received my order I had a talk with their founder. Turns out their business is at the baby step right now and only two of the co-owners are doing the entire work- one from Korea and one from India. However, they are looking forward to hire stuffs, adding more payment methods, making the site even more user friendly, getting better deals and including more brands as well as opening a physical store. So I hope it’s just a matter of time that they will overcome the only two issues I found a little bothersome- the payment method, and taking a while to restock OOS products

First Impression:

I have tried out The Saem The Snail Brightening Sheet Mask just today. When I first got introduced to K-beauty, I thought that I will never put Snail Poo on my face. And here I am writing the article with a face full of snail slime. Since I have used it just an hour ago, I can’t tell much except for the fact that I loved the fitting. The eye holes made my face look a bit weird but so far it’s the best fitting mask I’ve ever used.

Is there any product from their site you would like me to review?

Edit:  They accept online payments now.

32 thoughts on “New K-Beauty Site In India- Daisy Skin Fix Haul & First Impression”

  1. Hi, thank u soo much for sharing with us this site. I really want to start with the Korean skin care routine asap. So request you to list the name of all the products as per the 10 step K skin care regieme., so that i can order from the site stated above easily. Please

    1. Hi, I would like to start 10 step korean skin care routine. I am a dusky girl and my skin is little dry. I also have uneven skin, so i request you to suggest me the products as per the 10 step skin care routine.

    2. Banila co cleansing balm
      Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser
      Cosrx AHA
      Klairs Supple Preperation Toner
      Cosrx Galactomyces Whitening Essence
      Sheet Masks twice a week
      Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream
      Mizon Collagen Firming Eye Cream
      Klairs Mid Day Sun Lotion SPF 40

  2. Hi,
    Can you please let me know the review for Klairs freshly juiced vitamin drop? Also if you could suggest k- beauty products for sensetive skin..that sld help…thxs

    1. Hey, sure! would do that. Do explore the Klairs and cosrx range. All of their products are dedicated towards sensitive skin. <3

  3. Thank u for introducing this site to us.. Me and my sister eagerly waited for a reliable k-beauty site in India to shop k products . And now they are here, no international shipping needed 😀😀.

  4. Hi, loved your blog . thank you so much for writing about Korean skincare and introducing to this e-commerce website. After reading your blog I have given my order at daisyfix and waiting for my order . So do they really deliver within 5days . Also I had previous bad exprnc of shopping for k beauty brands And since you mentioned they do have genuine products , So how do they do packaging and delivery.

    1. They have a rather fast delivery, in like a week. However, in some cases they do deliver a bit late, 2-3 days more but that’s very rare…

  5. Oh my God! Its true and trustworthy right? Iam longing to buy many K-beauty products, but because of expensiveness in Amazon and ebay, I coudnt buy..I just try to buy somehow but ended up staring all d day..Hope this site is genuine and us enjoy shopping our lovely product…

  6. Hi , I jst discovered their site yesterday and your blog today.:) I sent them a whatsapp message on the number provided but it did not get delivered, so was wondering if they were genuine. Have you ordered more stuff from them or jst that small purchase?

    1. Hey, They are genuine. I’ve ordered multiple times from their site. They have free shipping on all orders, so sometimes I just order a couple of sheet masks, sometimes I do big hauls, you can start with small purchases. 🙂

    2. Thanks for such a quick response. Was just happy to see that I could order without having to worry if the customs would charge me hefty duties.. There are so many Korean sites that ship to India but customs and duties to be taken care by the customer which makes it rather risky n dicey. Amazon n EBay r rather expensive. This site seems pretty affordable so far but I do wish they could increase their products . For now I jst purchased Cosrx morning gel cleanser and the power essence. If in any way you could influence them to add to their products that would be great . As long as the pricing is fairly reasonable I don’t think they would have a problem with sales . Thank you for the shout out about this site . Will update when the parcel arrives so others too can buy with confidence. Thank you once again.

    3. The owner is working on curating more products. Their business is new and they are trying to get OOS products restocked faster. 🙂

  7. Hi Clara!
    I am sure your site is going to be one of my regulars since I am huge fan of KBeauty too!

    However I tried this site and I basicalky found like 5 to 10 lroducts only. Some from Cosrx and from Klairs. Is this the usual?

    1. Yes, they take a little time to re-stock. I always keep an eye on when they are restocking. They are working on it 🙂

  8. Wow wow thank you so much for the info about Korean online shopping in India !! that’s like finally my dream cme true !! I’m so excited to shop with Daisy.net !! Hope they will stock up all the products soon!! Products are genuine brand imported from Korea ??

  9. Wow….This is awesome…Checked out their site…Mostly everything was out of stock right now….Hoping they will restock soon…thnx for sharing this site… 😀

    1. Yes they notified me today that they have finally been able to get the products into the city where they are based after a lots of drug tests and all. Hopefully they’ll update and restock soon ♥

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