In case you already don’t know, I’m not a huge fan of The Face Shop products. As I’ve earlier said, I’ve had their character masks shipped from Korea long before they launched in India and I didn’t have the best impression. TFS is a midrange Korean Skincare brand that comes off really cheap; however I feel like there are brands that costs the same and works way better on my skin. When they launched in Nykaa I had to do a little haul, because you know, am not having to ship them internationally.

So the first product I tried was the Red Ginseng sheet mask.

Product claims:

The mask sheet drenched with emulsified moisturizing serum with revitalizing Red Ginseng provides skin with a boost of energy and vitality.
Formula is without added parabens.



My CosDNA analysis came up a little bizarre with Alcohol Denat raising a red flag getting a huge 5 for being a potential irritant. Yikes!

My Experience:

I’ve earlier mentioned that I suffer from insomnia, and I haven’t got much sleep for over a week now. The sheet mask claimed to energize the skin, exactly what my tired skin needed.

Korean Red Ginseng is known for their anti-aging benefits, anti-inflammatory agents, evening out skin tone and revitalizing tired skin. My hopes were obviously high. Upon tearing the sheet mask pack, the hopes went higher when I noticed the mask drenched in a reddish brown serum. I haven’t used a sheet mask that’s not white or transparent (except for the character masks of course) and I was really excited. The fitting was almost perfect and reminded me of Etude House sheet masks that have tiny eye holes like this one.

I used the mask after double cleansing, exfoliating, wash off masking and toning my face and as soon as I threw the mask on, a minor cut I had on my forehead started burning. It didn’t sting that bad while exfoliating but it literally burned with the mask on. I remembered that the mask contains alcohol, now I was just sure that the amount was really high.

I kept on the mask on for 30 minutes and took it off when it was almost dry. My face was hydrated but not that overwhelmingly hydrated like the other time I sheet mask. I didn’t even have to pat the excess serum; I just went on to my night cream. I read reviews from other bloggers complaining that it made their face sticky; however I didn’t notice any excessive stickiness, maybe because I layered it with a thick night cream before even I felt the stickiness.

The following morning there wasn’t any noticeable change in my skin. No super hydration, no brightening effect, my skin looked energized though. However, my skin did look dewy throughout the next day which I loved, but that didn’t linger past afternoon. Any effect my skin achieved from this sheet mask didn’t linger more than a day, so it’s kind of a fail for me.

Price: MRP 100rs

Where to Buy:


Will I purchase it?

Not really

Will I suggest it?

I don’t know, I personally try staying away from products containing alcohol. I’m really very precise about not using a toner that contains alcohol because that can dry out the skin. Upon using this sheet mask my skin wasn’t immensely hydrated and it became kind of dry a day after so am guessing the alcohol is the culprit. What I won’t repurchase myself, I cannot recommend either, can I?




13 thoughts on “The Face Shop Real Nature Red Ginseng Face Mask Review”

  1. Hi! So you aren’t supposed to leave sheet masks on until they dry out 🙂 That ends up leaching moisture from your skin so it’s counterproductive!

    1. My point is, you weren’t supposed to leave it on that long. That’s probably why your skin felt so dehydrated and dry afterwards. I suggest taking the mask off before it dries out. I did that and my skin felt very soft and hydrated 🙂

    2. I’ve been using sheetmasks for about 4 years now and I know when to remove them. FIY TFS is not the only Kbeauty brand that I’ve every used.In fact I’ve used over 20 Korean brands and this NEVER happened. Also I can tell if the high alcohol content reacts on my hyper-sensitive skin.

    3. Also, I never remove my masks when they are completely dry. I remove them when they start to dry up. With the humidity and temperature in Kolkata my masks doesn’t dry up before 30 minutes. Again this is not the first Kbeauty brand I’ve tried and I have used mask that drips even after 40 minutes.

    4. I was thinking the same thing. Packages always say leave on 10-15 mins. Curious as to why you leave yours on so long?

    5. The reason that they mention 10-15 mins is because if you leave your sheetmask until it’s completely dry, the sheet will soak back the moisture from your skin. However, in my case, I live in a very humid region and personally dislike being in the A.C. So naturally my sheets take longer than 15 minutes to dry up. I leave them on until they are completely wet and remove them once they start to dry up. The upper lip area dries first in my case so I remove it when that area starts to dry. Most of the time the cheek areas are still dripping wet. During the summer my sheetmasks don’t even start drying up before it’s 30-35 minutes. It’s only during the winter that my sheetmasks sometimes starts drying at around 20 minutes and winter at my region lasts like 2 months.

    6. Very interesting! I hated this mask and was researching to see if anyone else did too and what was the deal with it! Lol

  2. I have tried their rice mask and did not like it at all…As soon as i opened the packet it started reeking of alcohol…I have this one lying around but im in no mood to try it out…This brand was a fail for me…

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