As promised, I’m here today with some tips and tricks and brand suggestions to keep in mind while shopping for Korean Skin Care products.


First things first-

Where to get them? (Based on personal experience)

Soko Glam:

I became obsessed with Korean Skincare almost two years ago.  Soko Glam happens to be the website where I got my first Kbeauty products from- Tonymoly Oil Cleanser (still Obsessed), Skinfood Green Tea Bubble Cleanser (Best thing that ever happened to my skin) and Goodal Phytowash (Exfoliation dream). Soko Glam is a very trustworthy website. Charlotte Cho visits Seoul and picks up the products herself and tries it on her own skin before adding it to the website. The back draws however is that they don’t have any minimum free shipping rate to India. For those residing in the U.S or Canada, this site’s the best for you guys. (Thank Me Later)


My second purchase was a pack of 10 sheetmasks from Innisfree that I ordered from Amazon and I have no idea if the merchant was authentic. The masks did work brilliantly on my skin though. I gave away two masks to my colleagues and they loved them so much that they asked me to order a few for them while ordering my next lot.


This time it was a pack of 10 Etude House Masks. They worked great as well. But then I read a lot of consumer complaints that the StrawberryNet products are not authentic and have reacted badly on a lot of peoples’ skin. So I didn’t repeat order from this site even though I got lucky with my order.

Innisfree Delhi Store:

I legit left my job on December 2015 and flew to New Delhi to visit the Innisfree Store in January and I did a huge haul. Delhi beauties, I envy you (because of the recent Face Shop launch as well)!


It’s a legit site as well. But they offer free shipping above 66$ or something which will mess up with the custom.  They have free shipping on some particular products and I still keep checking if there’s any new product in the Free Shipping list that I wanna try. No personal experience yet.

EDIT: Wishtrend let me review their Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E mask during it’s launch.


I am pretty sure I don’t need to talk much about this website. They are well known for their blogger friendly programmed. They have sent me two packages for review purpose and I loved them all. However, Free Shipping is above 60$.


Cosmetic Love:

Here comes the most awaited part. The magic website with free shipping, Tada! No shipping charge, no custom duty. Just try to keep your orders low to avoid custom. You’ll get a tracking ID by paying an $2.5. Their website says that it will take about 2 weeks for the order to show up, but my first two orders came 1 month late. But then again, my first order came along with a package from Greece shipped a couple of months ago, so I guess both went for a little custom tour. My third order didn’t show up, so when I mailed them about it, they were kind enough to reorder my products again with a free tracking ID.  And after I received it, I placed my fourth order. I am sticking with this website.


EDIT: No longer ships free.

Use my unique coupon code BEAUTIFULLYME to avail a 5% discount sitewide.

Referral Link: – 15% Off with my Referral link.


They provide the cheapest deals you can get on the internet. I’ve done multiple hauls from them and I always receive the products within 3 weeks. I do pay for tracking id for a safe delivery.


I’ve once received a PR sample during a launch and once I made an order which were delivered in a month. It was during a Black Friday Sale and I got a free shipping with tracking.

Daisy Skin Fix

It’s an Indian E-commerce site where you can get a multiple Korean Skincare brands, and guess what? They have free shipping on all order.



By the Grace of God, Innisfree and The Face Shop has recently launched in Nykaa…



Even though their collection is not very huge, they have got some brands that aren’t available in India otherwise. Also they have got kit system for K-Beauty beginners who can use a little help while choosing skincare products according to your skin.

*India based



They have got a pretty good collection where you can get both Korean Skincare and Makeup products. You can also keep a tab on which products they will be curating next.


*India based

Grace & Chloe: 

Another huge collection including makeup and skincare.

*India based



My sister and I have done multiple hauls from them. They provide the cheapest rate among the Indian sites but they offer free delivery over Rs 2500.


Tuan Cosmetic:

An Instagram seller who has gems like Papa Recipe masks and products you didn’t know were available in India. I’ve done a haul from them and it’s definitely a legit site.

A little tips and tricks-

  • Already gave one, while ordering from Cosmetic Love, try keeping your order low.
  • They offer an abundant amount of samples and trial sized pack. So you’d like to order some samples first, they comes very chip, plus they extremely travel friendly. If you are ordering a lot of different types of samples, try one product at a time so you can figure out the culprit if something goes wrong (I haven’t had any bad experience with any Korean Products so far and my skin is super-sensitive, so chances are very low).
  • You’ll get free samples if there are any full sized products in the order and yes sheet masks count. The higher the full sized product prize amount, the more samples you’ll receive.

My Favourite Brands:

  • Klairs
  • Cosrx
  • Tonymoly
  • Mishha
  • Etude House
  • Innisfree
  • Goodal
  • Foodaholic

Favourite Products Used So Far : ]

Products I Would Suggest Not To Try-

So that’s all. Hope you enjoyed this post and please do not hesitate if you have any more queries, I would love to post a sequel if needed.

And once again, I am not being benefited from this post. The whole post is best on personal experience and my love for Korean cosmetics.


126 thoughts on “Where To Buy Korean Skincare Products in India + Some Tips & Tricks”

  1. Thank you so much… it’s very helpful. I’m gonna try them all. Haha. Btw do you pay costum duty tax while purchasing from wishtrend. How should I get myself from custom exemption?

  2. Hello…actually i wanna try cosrx triple c lightening liquid for skin brightening…i have searched many websites but i didnt find it…can u pls suggest me some indian websites where i can get this product…also if u have any idea about some oder skin lightening n brightening products pls suggest me some…

  3. Hi, from where can I buy authentic Mishha time revolution essence online in India?
    Thanks in Advance. :*

  4. HI..
    This is Abhinav and me looking for SKINMISO products. As per some reviews they said like its very good for open pores on skin and lightning. If u guys have any idea about this product plz share and where to buy like trustworthy websites and all plz update us.

    1. I haven’t used it but heard it’s good for open pores. You can get them at

  5. 1)I want to order missha time revolution gift set from beautynetkorea but weight of product is 865 gram .there r chances of stuck in custom
    And 2) is beautynetkorea offer free shipping to india

    1. No, BNK doesn’t have free shipping. If you order more than 2 full-sized products together, there’s a chance you’re order is going to be stuck at custom

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for the information. I am gradually building up my k-skincare routine and being in India it is really difficult to avail the products and that too on time. Plus i am really scared of the CUSTOMS. Can u plz suggest some trustworthy sites where i can get the products on low or minimal customs ?

  7. Were you charged with customs when you ordered from the cosmeticslove web site?
    Am really confused and worried about the custom fees.
    Do reply asap.

    1. Shipping charge depends on the weight, and I used to order from Cosmetic-Love when they had free shipping, so I don’t know their current shipping policy. As for customs, I keep my order low to avoid customs.

    2. Could you suggest some sites within your knowledge which offer free shipping to India and are authentic?

    3. None of the sites that I order from offers free shipping, but Jolse is currently giving a free shipping sale.

  8. hey i tried making payments through paypal and amazon pay on cosmetic love site and it says my debit card is declined,,, any idea how to pay?

  9. Hi ! That was really a very helpful post. During the search I came across Do u have any review about it ?

    1. I’ve read some really bad reviews on iherb. They have many hidden charges. The prices they show more than double up while purchasing the products.

  10. Hi! Thanks for such a detailed post and for listing a number of websites. This is super helpful. As a side note, could you please recommend something for blackheads and large pores? I’ve tried out so many products but nothing seems to help. Would really appreciate some suggestions. Thanks!

  11. Hey clara thnx alott fr ur help…can u pls help me out with this would be my pleasure if u try ordering something from that site jst to see the actual problem..jst try reaching the payment section cz i did all that u told me n after that m unable to reach the payment section

  12. Hey i tried ordering from beautynetkorea but i ws not able to place my order instead i was getting redirected to the same page again n again n a box ws popping up everytime saying something in korean language which i couldn’t understand

    1. Did you translate the page? After adding the product to cart, go to basket.From there checkout all item. Go down, give your postal address, choose kpacket, click terms and condition and checkout via paypal.

    2. Yep i did all that but still its redirecting me to the same page i dont know y is it happening

  13. Thnx alott anwesha..n also o forgot to mention that my skin tends to breakout very easily so i hope klairs mask would not break me out..

    Can u pls tell me whats the actuall difference in missha time revolution essence older version n the new intensive n intensive moist versions..

    1. Hi, It’s Clara actually, I don’t have much idea about the new version as I’ve only used the older version. I’ll have to do some study on the new one.

  14. Or is there any other product that delivers the same results as missha’s essence?? Cz i think the missha one is way too costly for beginners like me..

    1. I was actually about to write that go for Cosrx Galactomyces Essence if you are on budget as both the products have the same star ingredient.

  15. Hello..its been long time since m searching fot some korean skin care products for brightening n hydration as my skin is dry n suddenly it has become so dull n dehydrated looks like my skin is aging in 20’s…thanks a ton for telling us so many websites who provide korean products in india…but i dont know which products to go for brightening and hydration..can u pls suggest me an essence , sleeping mask n moisturising or a snail cream..

    I was thinking to try missha time revolution essence coz f its fantastic reviews…

    Also suggest me some websites for those products

    1. Missha Time Revolution is a fantastic product that gives a brightening effect, you can totally go for it. Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser makes a huge difference while fighting dull and dehydrated skin. You can use Cosrx AHA Power Liquid to get rid of dead skin and Klairs Vitamin E Mask both as moisturizer and sleep mask

  16. Hi thanks for the post. But I want ask whether cosmetic love website is safer to order or not. Becoz reviews are not that great. Please help me whether i can order there?

  17. Thanks for the post. I want to ask a question . Cosmetic love is it reliable website n wl i get my products becoz many reviews are not that good. Please help me

  18. May i knw what products can i use for oily n dull skin.. Recently i hav been interested in these k beauty products.p lz do reply

    1. For oily and dull skin you can go for Cosrx and mizon products.
      Cosrx Good Morning Low pH Gel Cleanser
      Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay
      Klairs Supple Preparation Toner
      Coxrx BHA Powe Liquid
      Mizon Snail Recovery Gel
      Klairs Mid Day Blue SUn Lotion

    1. Yes, have collaborated with them as well ordered from them and had a very good experience. Forgot to update this post.

  19. I really confuses between korean websites
    From where i can buy them which is better for india
    Cosmetic love ,beautytap or w2beauty,sokoglam ,yesstyle, skin 18
    Pls reply

    1. To avoid customs you can order from Indian sites like Daisy skin fix, beauty barn, skinnmore. To order directly from korea, you can try beautynetkorea. 🙂

  20. Thanks a lot for this post!! It was really helpful!! Thank u so much.. i would love to buy from sokoglam but still having doubts on how to pay? As in i don’t use USD.. do they accept INR? If yes then how? And can u please tell me how yo pay through paypal? Is it safe? And I don’t use a card!😅 how is it possible to pay for me then?😯 it would be really helpful if u would reply! Please.. thank u

    1. Hey,
      Paypal is really safe. First you have to create a paypal account and then link your bank to it. That’s it, it’s the easiest payment method I’ve ever used.

  21. Hey ! the post was great and a lot informative ! but i tried ordering from Cosmetic Love and it does charge shipping to India. Are there any other sites that provide free shipping to India ?

    1. yes, the charge of Korea post has increased so they don’t offer free shipping any more, but they decreased the product price. You can try ordering from the Indian sites.

    2. You can oder from Yesstyle . But the oder came to India after 3months I have oder the products in my case

  22. Thank you so much for your response.
    Sorry, to trouble you so much but can you please suggest me a product for cleansing and toning as well.
    Thank you !

  23. Hi,
    I want to start my journey of korean products. Lately, i’ve been reading a lot about them but the more i read it becomes confusing which product to begin with. Can you please guide me about a few essential products ( don’t want to try all the 10 steps in one go ) to begin with.
    I’ve open pores, black & white heads on my face. Want to get rid of these and also want a glowing skin.
    Thanks !

    1. You can get them from Daisy Skin Fix, I have listed the Indian sites at the bottom of my post.

    2. I’ll be publish a pore shrinking method and a blackheads white heads removal makeup within a week. But I’ll suggest you go for the Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay from nykaa and Cosrx BHA Power liquid from Daisy Skin Fix. Even I recommend using one new step at a time.

  24. Hey! I liked ur post… It was informative…
    So.. In cosmetic love, the product rates are in dollars…. What happens when I try to pay with my card… Like ,through Amazon pay…
    Will the amount equivalent to indian money be deducted ?

  25. How is the custom levied?
    I mean, where do i have to pay that money and how much is it, round off value?
    Does anyone take at the time of delivery or how it works??
    *PS – I know my question is stupid.

    1. Haha, actually it’s not a stupid question at all. Since none of us know the estimate order value above which custom can be charged but some of my readers guess that it depends on the weight. I have ordered from their site multiple times, keeping the order below $17 and I never had to pay custom. I guess you’ll have to pay the delivery boy if you are charged custom. But I’ll suggest keeping your order value low to avoid customs. One pf y reader ordered around $20 but her order was heavy, we are not sure if that was charged because of weight but she got a ticket for around 1000 bucks

    2. Omg! No m terrified! I have already placed 3 orders from online sites!
      First for around 50 $
      Second for 110$
      Third again for 50$.
      I thought m saving my shipping charges!!
      How about shipping if u place order for 17$? M interested in Cosmetic Love details?

    3. Oh boy! You might have some trouble in there. Cosmetic love had free shipping even a couple of months ago. They recently started charging for shipping (but has decreased the product costs) and I haven’t ordered after they started charging for shipping. They charge it according to the weight which gets calculated at the checkout

  26. hi
    i have never tried Korean products but i want to buy innisfree products from nykaa.. i have noticed that innisfree products are at very low price on nykaa compared to amazon or other sites. so i am just confused if nykaa is selling genuine products. Please help wheather i should buy it from nykaa or no.

    1. Nykaa sells genuine products, but am not sure about Amazon. I avoid ordering from Amazon but that one time I did I got a leaked product that was nearing expiry date, also you should check the merchant name on Amazon. Also for startee, you can try the Dair Klairs Mask from Daisy Skin Fix and they do not have a minimum shipping charge. And let me tell you, Innisfree is belongs to the cheaper side when it comes to K-beauty brands. The physical stores in India charges pretty much the same.

    2. Try this on instagram … Its a bit cheap.. You can get ByWishTrend, Cosrx, Klairs and Skin food… They do COD through FedEx so its a bit safe… Just DM to them if you want to order or if u hv any qstns…. I ordered Vitamin C 21.5 … just waiting for it to arrive..

    1. I received the products as a gift from Charlotte Cho. I didn’t have to pay duty because the box read gift 🙂

    2. Beauty on Instagram are going official with cosrx ,klairs and a couple of Korean brands.. they are launching their website later this year,so authenticity is guaranteed.

  27. Hey! The post was extremely helpful. I absolutely loved it.😍
    My two major concerns are open pores and skin brightening .( I love Koreans pearly, dewy, luminous spot-less skin)

    So ,I have two questions for you.
    1)what is the best skin-care regime for combination skin.

    2) I did a research on skin brightening creams but eventally got confused.
    Read about etude White House, mison Good night white sleeping mask, secret key white snow while cream and tony moly panda cream( I read your views on that) – which one is the best one for Indian skin type.

    1. Hey, glad my post was helpful.
      For brightening, I should suggest rice products as well as products containing lemon and tomatoes. 1) You can try the Tonymoly Floria Brightening Cleansing oil for night time regimen,2) a foaming cleanser as the second step for night time and 1st step for day time. 3) An exfoliator once a week 4) wash off masks twice or thrice a week, skin food rice wash off is excellent for skin brightening, you can use that once or twice a week and a charcoal or clay wash off mask once a week for detoxifying and deep cleansing, Innisfree Volcanic clay is one of my favourites. 5) Toner- chose any alcohol free toner u like. 6) Serum and essence both plays important roles in brightening up your skin, you can never truly believe what they can do until you use one, Mishha Time Revolution Essence is the best I’ve used to far but it’s too costly, you can choose one that claims brightening. 7) Sheet Masking twice a week or as many times you wish- choose the ones that contain rice and vita c for brightening effect. 8) Moisturizing -Since I never rely on moisturizers for brightening, I can’t really tell which one is good for brightening, usually I use them to seal off the goodness that my skin receives from the previous products, I usually use Taiyu Silk Cream or Etude House Moistful Collagen cream. 9) Sun block.
      Hope it helps 🙂

    2. Hey u tried ordering from Cosmetic Love ??
      I have same skin concerns as urs nd have combination skin.
      I m planning to buy from cosmetic love. But i am little hesitate bcoz fo custom issue.
      And how about their shipping charges ?

      Sorry for many questions. 😛Please reply..

    3. haha. I have ordered from cosmetic love too many times. But I always keep my orders below $20, sometimes even below $15 to be safe. They used to have free shipping but are charging for shipping for a few months. I have recently ordered for the first time after they started shipping, it’s a very small order and have not received it yet. Note that if paid extra for tracking code, the products always delivers faster.

  28. Hi….thanks for such a informative post..
    Can you tell me which brand is good innisfree or wishtreat….
    And also suggest products for dry uneven skin


    1. I basically rely on Innisfree products, mainly because they are easiest available and effective. I have never tried wishtreat but some of my favourites are Skinfood, Tonymoly, Misha and Etude House. Try using products containing manuka honey for dry skin. Also exfoliate your skin once a week and use deep cleansing wash masks especially clay or charcoal twice a week for better absorption of your skincare products. Hope it was helpful 🙂

  29. Can u tell me what should be the total order value for products so as to avoid custom on cosmetic-love website

    1. There’s no particular amount but you might be able to avoid custom by ordering below $35. Lesser the safer

  30. Hey your post is really helpful.
    Can you please tell me which one is better mizon all-in-one snail repair cream or mango seed milk moisturizing facial butter

    1. I haven’t tried either of them, but I would go for the Mizon one any day.

  31. Hello. M very glad to have come accross ur blog n its been very informative. Have been wnting to try Kproducts for pigmentation. Im confused between Innisfree Whitening Pore Serum n Skinfood Tomato Whitening range. Can u suggest which wud b better or if any other product u hav tried. I hav n oily acne prone skin. Also do u kno of Beauty M wondering if thy sell authentic K products.

    1. Personally I prefer skinfood over Innisfree, am talking about the overall brand. I haven’t tried any de-pigmentation products but going through the description and ingredient list I guess the skinfood one will probably be better. The best way to be sure is to try the samples first. You can check if cosmetic-love has the samples.
      And I’m afraid am not much aware about Beauty

  32. Hey. Really helpful post.

    I want to buy an all in one cream for correction of dark spots (age spots) & open pores.

    Can you suggest some cream or over night cream / mask. No BB Creams !

    Thanks a ton!

    1. Hi, glad the article was helpful. However, I would like to tell you that the Korean Skincare Concept doesn’t go for all in one products. Unlike the rest of the world they create products that usually targets single issues, that’s why Korean Women or Korean Skincare Obsessed people uses multiple serum at one go instead of using an all in one product. I usually don’t use creams for special treatments like spot corrections and stuff, I rely on serums and sheet masks for that and use moisturizers to just moisturize or to to bring elasticity at the most. However, you can try out samples from cosmetic-love and find out which one works for you the best. <3

  33. Hey can you suggest me something as I really like Korean beauty and their products. I have oily and acne prone skin and I don’t know what all to order and which all are good.

    1. Hey try the products that contains Tea Tree and Aloe and Bija, even rice are amazing for purification. Innisfree Volacanic Clay is a must try for you. You can get the tiny size by ordering the Capsule Recipe. Also Innisfree Tea Tree Oil Sheet Mask is good for oily skin. Using cleansing oil before face was can work oil against oil. And don’t skip moisturizer because if you have oily skin. If you deprive your skin of the needed moisture it will produce more than what’s needed breaking you out even more. Try the mild non-greasy and noncomedogenic ones

    1. Am not fond of Face Shop products compared to other Korean brands, Innisfree is so much better…

  34. Hi,

    I’m so glad I found your blog. This post was really helpful.

    Cloud you please tell me whether you paid customs for your order from Sokoglam and if yes then how much?

    Thanks a lot

    1. Thank you, glad you found the post helpful. I didn’t have to pay any custom for my order from Sokoglam as the package was kind of a free gift. In India, the custom is for orders over 35$ I guess

  35. Hi!! I too am a calcuttan currently obsessing over korean and japanese beauty products. I would love to know if you have any experience regarding shopping from they provide free shipping in india over 2500 INR. do i have to pay customs duty on a order value of 3000 INR? Thanks a lot !

    1. I personally haven’t ordered from Yesstyle but I know some people who have got smooth delivery on their Kbeauty box. You need to pay for custom if the order’s over 35$. I personally used to order from and I got a lots of smooth delivery, except for the last two orders which didn’t show up. Also you can get Innisfree products from

    2. Thanks a lot! one last thing i wanted to ask, my billing amount is less than 35$ so yesstyle is charging me 377INR as shipping charge. will it attract customs duty?

    3. If the total amount is above 35 including shipping, it might attract custom charge. Also make sure they are giving u the tracking ID as a lot of times the products gets stuck at the custom check

    4. Hey! Anwesha did u get ur yesstyle producte eger to know ,actually i recently discovered that site and i m not sure about to order from there

    5. hey Aliya, i am sorry i have been so late in answering your question. I did not order from yesstyle. The prices are kinda high over there. I opted for
      Try it and i am sure you’ll love it!

  36. Isn’t there any substitute in indian drugstores of the mishha time revolution essence ? As I Love To Do A 10 Day Korean Routine But Half Of The R Damn Expensive . N Couldnot Afford It.

    1. That’s one product I would love to find dupes off. Unfortunately Indian products are in no away close to the Korean products, the only stuffs I thought are almost as good are all wash off masks, that’s one region India Skincare is leading I guess 😀

  37. Extremely helpful post….I really wanted to try out some korean products but had heard bad reviews about so many sites selling fake stuff…Im gonna order from cosmetic love now…

  38. hey thanks for this
    it was v.helpful
    plus you’re doing this even though it’s not sponsored – thanks a lot

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