A couple of months back I got a few acne on my cheek because of an experiment gone wrong and the stubborn marks didn’t seem to go away. My skin doesn’t react decently to retinol so a spot corrector was off the list. That’s when I received two anti-blemish Face Washes from Oshea and saw a little hope. I have never tried anything from the brand but have heard ravings. I gave one to my mum who has stubborn blemishes and tested the other for exactly 28 day (that’s how long our cells take to turn over).



My CosDna analysis came up pretty clean. Out of all the ingredients, with Stearic Acid raised a flag, 2 out of 5 as an acne trigger and with Myristic Acid 3 out of 5. The rests are safe.

Here’s what happened:

Since I have a super sensitive skin, I didn’t start using the product right away as I received it a couple of days before my birthday. So technically my mum started using the face wash before I did, and by the time I started using mine, my mum’s blemishes has already lightened noticeably. I will be lying if I say that her blemishes disappeared, it didn’t as it came along with her aging signs, but it certainly did fade.

So I started using it from my birthday night and had a mixed feeling about the packaging. The bottle is sleek, and attractive and hygienic and the cap was sealed, but I like it more when the packaging looks cute. In this case it looked like an amazing product for mums and aunties; I don’t know why it comes to my mind every time I use it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like it, I do, it just stands a bit offbeat in the middle of my 90% Korean Skincare product consumed cabinet.

The texture of the face wash is neither too thick, nor too runny, and has a pretty pearly orangish colour, much like a pearly papaya. Only a pea sized amount lathered wonderfully even though there’s no mention of SLS anywhere in the ingredient list. It didn’t require any effort to wash it off, leaving a squeaky clean skin.

I’m not a person who’ll cut down on the toner, or serum, or moisturizer. I follow the 10 step skincare regimen religiously every morning, every night. But a lazy person with an oily skin can get away without a moisturizer after using this face wash. I have a combination skin and it’s almost winter. Since the past couple of days I have noticed that my skin tugs a little after using this face wash until I splash the toner. So yes, dry skin beauties will require a moisturizer, and then again, I will always suggest using a moisturizer after washing your face.

Within a week I noticed my spots fading, it rarely happens. I rarely get pimples, but when I do, the mark rarely goes away. But with regular usages, the spots kept fading. It will require a very close attention to figure the spots out now, and requires only a mild foundation to cover them completely without needing a concealer. So guess who’s happy? Plus it’s super cheap, and I’m gonna add this to my regular skincare routine.

Overall, I very much liked the product. For those of you who have stubborn blemishes like my mother, I will suggest still trying this product, and following up with an anti-blemish moisturizer or night cream, I have high hopes that the combination will work (I’ll be updating this post after I experiment it on my mum)

Price: Rs 115 for 80gms


  • Sturdy packaging, travel friendly
  • Does what it claims
  • Cheap
  • Didn’t break out my super-sensitive skin


  • Because it’s an anti-blemish face wash, it was supposed to make the spots disappear, mostly when I was using a de-pigmentation cream with my day time regimen. But it just faded them (I have high hopes that with another month of usages the spots will disappear)



Product sent for review purpose, but the review is completely honest.

Where to Buy:

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