I’m a sucker for eye make ups so you can understand my joy upon receiving a full-sized eye shadow crayon. I have never used an eye shadow crayon before, but I do own a cream eye shadow from Givenchy and I love it. Sometimes when I’m in a hurry or I don’t want to do a dramatic eye makeup, I line my eyes with a (thick coat) colour pencil (usually a turquoise or an olive green shade) and then with a liquid eye liner.  I love the way it looks. Also, since I travel lot during weekends, I find it annoying to carry my eye shadow palettes with me everywhere. My solo shades, most preferably my cream shadow and my eye pencils come in really handy. So when I received this eye shadow crayon I had such high hopes. I thought may be my problem with carrying my palettes with me will end here, I thought if this crayon works fine, I will purchase the other shades as well.



To my major disappointment, the crayon wasn’t half as near as I expected. Of course if we talk about convenienc it’s really easy to carry, doesn’t need sharpening as it’s a twist up crayon, and it’s easily to apply. Also the shade is an amazing olive green with golden shimmer. What’s not to like right? Well the pigmentation ruined everything. It took me about 5-6 coats until the colour was visible enough  be caught on the camera. I’m talking about just the swatch here. When I actually applied it on my eyes it was a worse story. I had to keep coating, and the colour was poorly building up as the formula is too creamy and too greasy. I have a wheatish skin tone and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to make any colour visible on my face. In fact my eye pencils from Catrice Cosmetics look much cooler than this crayon turned out. Sure enough the creamy formula didn’t last on my eye lids for more than a couple of hours. It will work really good as a base when you finish it off with a powder shadow, but I was completely wrong when I thought that this is going to be my weekend travel companion, it certainly won’t.




Rs. 1200


  • Convenient, travel friendly
  • Creamy formula
  • Acts as a good base
  • Blends smoothly


  • Poor Pigmentation
  • Over priced
  • Doesn’t dry out



4 thoughts on “Be A BombShell Eyeshadow Crayon- High Roller Review”

    1. Yes it is, it took me like thousand clicks to find a picture where the shade is actually showing on my lids…

    1. Thank you. The colour does really look great. But it took me about 1000 clicks to find one picture where the colour is actually showing. 🙁

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