India is a very extraordinary country filled in such an original and dizzy blast of cultures, religions, races and languages. Every bit of the country is built of huge and overdone scale and worthwhile in differentiation superb mountains that dominate it. May be the only thing that is difficult in India would be to describe and understand the Country completely. Below are the Top 10 Places in India to visit.

Taj Mahal:


Being placed and recognized in Seven Wonders in Modern World’s list, Taj Mahal should be the first destination place that anyone should not miss. Taj Mahal is a great monument in Indian history built by Shah Jahan in remembrance of his wife Mumtaaz Mahal, who died in 1631 after giving birth to their 14th child. The story of their love is undefined and facts behind the construction is  very interesting.  Save a day to visit this place and get mesmerized by its beauty. You can reach this place by flight, Train, Car.  You can book flight to Delhi from any Metropolitan city like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata etc. After reaching Delhi, you can book self drive cars in Revv & Don’t worry about cost. Use “  revv Coupons to Get discount on your fare amount .



The holy place in India, where lakhs of Hindu monks visit the temples and take dips in The Ganga River to get religious virtue. There are 2000 shrines and temples in Varanasi where you will be stunned and fascinated by the country and its beliefs.

Jaisalmer :


The antique blockaded sandstone city of Jaisalmer that rests artistically on a level-peeked hill is strange, a distinct and lovely place that you should not miss to see. This bordered town is today one of the famous and most visited tourist destination.



Kochi is a place with lovely ponds and lakes, filled with greenery everywhere. Kochi, which is also known as Cochin is known as the Queen of Arabian Sea and reflects the amalgamation of the state of Kerala.  This place is filled with 16th Century Jewish Synagogue, 500 year old Portuguese cottages and old churches, which were built by the Portuguese and later renovated in the Flemish style by the Dutch. St Francis Church is India’s oldest European built church and there are many more such beauties in this place.



Standing at a peculiar elevation covered with Snow filled Himalayas on one side and greenery of tea plants on the other can be your dream time to spend with your loved ones. The main attractions here is the number of Buddhist monasteries, tea plantations, colorful farmers markets and trekking in the surrounding area.



One of  the best example of the beauty of Rajasthani architecture, Jaipur is popularly known as the Pink City of India. It was ruled by Maharaja Jai Singh II from 1693 to 1743. A superb Bengali architect Vidyadhar Bhattacharya constructed Jaipur in less than 8 years.  The must see place within the city include the City Palace. The last Son of the Maharaja still resides in a wing of the Palace. You can reach this place by car easily. Now a days self drive cars are available for travel lovers.  Myles car offering exclusive offers for new and old users.  Get self drive cars with low price costs.




Goa is one among the India’s hot spots. The state’s Portuguese past is most apparent in its plazas, Cathedrals and architecture including the Catholic Church of Old Goa. The best attractions will be dotted with luxurious old estates built by wealthy Indians, Braganza Palace which is open to public. This place is surrounded by the Arabian Sea and. In Goa you have visit so many places and travelling charges are usually high, But you have the option to book self drive car in Zoomcar, use  Zoom Car Coupons to get 100% Cashback on your fare amount.



Amritsar is famous for the Golden Temple. It’s situated in the state of Punjab and is the holy centre of the Sikh religion.  Maharaja Ranjith Singh built this religious place in 1803. This temple is constructed through a skin-deep pool as part of a refinement ritual, and then combined with mass that circles the place around the holy construction. This is again of the place that resembles the beauty of India.



Mumbai, which is also known as Bombay remains India’s city of dreams. This place is mostly constructed by the British around one of the best sheltered natural harbors in the World. Mumbai is the Country’s tactical economic centre and is also the home for the country’s fertile Bollywood Film Industry.



Shimla, which is the capital state of Himachal Pradesh, is set along the hills of Himalayas. This state has the largest apple plantations. It beams a resort like atmosphere for the British and it used to be the Summer Capital of the British India in 1864. There are a lot of tourist attractions in and around the City, where you can make your journey through stunning scenery to the famous streets of Shimla.


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