So we received a complimentary dine in from Zomato and were more than just glad to review this new Pizzeria at Kestopur that has been opened for not more than 6 months. We usually take help from Google Map while Restaurant hunting and this time it was a little pain as the map didn’t work out as it should and we had to regret taking the map too seriously. It took us more than 1 and half hours to reach the place and then we were standing in front of this small outlet.


We were a bit sceptical at first looking at the size and ambiance. It was more of an outlet rather than a restaurant. Looking at the menu, we were overwhelmed. Finally a place where you can get pizza at a very reasonable price. I’ve heard people complaining about how ridiculously costly Pizzas are; I’ve myself complained that very few pizzerias in Kolkata serve you authentic pizza with enough cheese. Honestly speaking, I kind of hate the popular pizzerias in Kolkata which I have already mentioned in my blog before. And I love pizzas, they are the reason I would end up visiting Naples one day, and I have been disappointed by pizza joints in Kolkata plenty of times. So here I am, sitting at a small outlet, looking at the menu that contains a plethora of reasonable pizzas. We went with a large Chicken Mexican Pizza, 1 plate Crispy Fried Chicken and Two Coffees.

Starting with the Crispy Fried Chicken, I thought it was far better than KFC. I hope that’s enough of a statement. It was crispy, it was juicy, it was finger licking good and a bucket of it wouldn’t leave you broke.


The pizza was as good as the fried chicken and guess what? It contained more cheese than you would get at a regular Pizzeria even if you are paying for extra cheese. The base was soft and fresh, however even not undercooked, I would have left it in the oven for a couple of minutes more if I was the chef. The taste however, really made up to it.



Overall I really liked this place. Even though the ambience could have been better, but who cares if the food is good! This is the kind of place where I would order my food from sitting at my home, only if it wasn’t across the city. FIY, I live in South Calcutta.

Note: The dine in was complimentary but the review is completely my honest opinion (and my boyfriend’s/photographer)

Rating: 4.5/5

7 thoughts on “Laziz Pizza Review”

  1. Hi, Clara…..
    Am a foodie so I first checked your food category right after checking the About page….
    I found this review very helpful, I liked your description & if your BF behind the camera he did a great job with those yummy snaps….. I thank him too…. (hope ur not jealous for that…. laugh).

    Well, do you suggest me to visit the place?

    If you’re a MoMo lover do check out this review of mine, & I hope ur will like it.

    I have a question to you…. how did you manage to get a complimentary dine in offer from zomato…. did y collaborate to them…..
    (if it’s an inter blogger secret… just message it at – just kidding)

    1. Hi Abhirup, thanks 🙂
      They mailed me askin to put up their widget on my site. After I did they sent me thank you gift- a complimentary dine-in and a zomato badge…

  2. Its pretty small place. Looking to the ambience staff and place you might feel that the food will be ok. But you may be the wrong. There service and food qaulity is really superb. Further they serves the conplementary cold drink on bill above Rs. 300. I had a very nice experience here. Havent been there, always ordered. They are present both on zomato as well as swiggy. Good value for money pizzas and doesnt feel as unhealthy as dominoes and pizza huts. I wont say they are top notch but good enough choice when you dont want to spend much money. Garlic bread is a must try.

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