I can’t believe I titled this post as a Haul Post when it’s literally 2 products. I really wanted to brag about the Official Website of Natural Bath & Body, and product reviews weren’t the perfect place to put it. I am so happy with their service that I thought that their official website requires a post for itself and ‘Natural Bath & Body Website Review” wasn’t acceptable.

Purchasing products from the official website has its perks, mainly because you don’t have to worry if the products are genuine or not. If you like discounts then you might opt for general websites but I prefer being safe, mostly when it comes to products that I’m going to use on my skin. There’s some back draws as well, most of the official websites require an average of 2000rs purchase to qualify for free shipping. I am that kind of person who will spend 12k on products but 45rs shipping makes me question everything. That one time I literally added 69$ stuff on my cart and when I found out there’s no international free shipping I just crossed out of the website.

I got introduced to Natural Bath & Body this January, all thanks to the Fab Bag. I absolutely adored their whipped cream and their French Clay; they were just too perfect for my sensitive skin, so I wanted to try out some of their other stuffs. Because I’m always worried if the product is authentic or not, I decided to purchase the products from their Official Website, no matter what the shipping charge is. To my amazement the minimum purchase required to qualify free shipping was 499, how awesome is that! I was so very tempted to try out their other creams and cleansers but I already ordered so many cosmetics earlier that day, so I stuck to the only two products that I actually required. I was already going to pay when my chrome crashed. I re-launched chrome and checked my mail again to get my NBB password, that’s when I noticed that they have sent me a 20% off coupon for first time purchase.  Yes! Chrome saved my 130 bucks! 😀 20%, discount, authentic products, free shipping, what can I possibly expect more? Fast shipping? If you have read my earlier posts then you’ll know that I’m spending the summer at my hometown which is technically a small town, and delivery within 4 days (that included the weekend) was the last thing that I expected. As it turns out, I placed the order on Saturday and I received them on Wednesday (and the courier person didn’t even call to know my exact location :D) So guess they’ve got a hooked customer now. I just hope that they develop some more products like serums and stuff because I wouldn’t mind replacing my entire regimen with their products.


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