Spring is the most confusing time of the year. While fall is the time when you take out all your winter collection out of the closet, spring is the time when you get the chance to get rid of the parkas and be the fashionista that you are.  In India, spring is the time when you start packing some of your winter clothes. It’s the last chance for you to wear your denims, boots, and beanies before you can flaunt them again in fall.

I created this look which I thought is perfect for spring in India. I know that wearing a converse with this outfit would have been a smarter move; however it was my last chance to wear this beloved boot of mine.







Top- Forever 21

Denim Shirt- Forever 21

Bag- Marie Claire

Boots- Picked up from a local store in Agra

Jeans- Levi’s



4 thoughts on “Spring Lookbook- Outfit of the Day”

    1. I know right? I picked it up from a store at Agra few weeks ago and now I wish to wear it wherever I go. It’s a pity that summer has already approached in Kolkata and I won’t be able to wear them again before fall.

    1. I know, I wear fitted clothes most of the time, actually all of the time. Baggy clothes make me look short and fat 😀 but sometimes comfort speaks louder than fashion.. 😀

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