If you live in Kolkata, you might already be aware that Good Homes is hosting an Enchanted India Pop-up showcasing a select range of home and apparel. I came to know about the event when I was still in Delhi, and if it wasn’t for the weddings, I would have covered this event first thing after returning to Kolktata. Since I cover these types of events along with my boy friend ( he clicks better than me 😀 ) I was waiting for the weekend so that he can tag along. However, when I came to know about the Dusk Project (happening at the same spot, organised by the same host), which involves Wine & Cheese and Music, I decided that I can’t miss the event today. So I headed off along with my camera, mentally planning to cover both the event and the pop-up in a single article. Upon arriving, I realized that it would be a shame if I don’t dedicate an entire article to the event or the pop-up.

The entire show was an aesthetic pleasure to the eyes, everywhere you look, it’s like a set from a fairy tale movie. Who wouldn’t want to have such beautiful pieces at there home?













Venue- Daga House

Timing- 21 January – 31 January (10 a.m to 7 p.m)

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