Hey guys, as you all might know that the delivery of this month’s Fab Bag had been delayed for some reason. I received my Fab Bag a day or two ago, ( I wasn’t in town for a few days and found them waiting on my table upon my arrival).

It’s been a very bad couple of months for me to receive parcels. Last month I received a leaked serum with my Fab Bag. I was travelling to Delhi and I was already a week late to I checked it. As per Fab Bag policy you have to write them within 48 hrs of the delivery in case you receive any damaged product. I wrote them weeks later. But the Votre team was too nice to send me another serum. Yesterday I received two broken products. Unfortunately, one of them was a Eye Shadow I received with this month’s Fab Bag.

Fab Bag 1

So here’s everything I received with my February Fab Bag…

Fab Bag 2

Kronokare Provencal Lavender Smooth  (Ening) Operator Body Lotion (Rs.110/- for 60 ml)


I received a full-sized product which expires this August. Honestly, I expect products that are not more than an year old. It’s a shame for the brand to provide almost expired products.

Just Herbs Coorgi Coffee Lip Smoothening Salve (Rs. 345 /- for 8 gm)


I am a huge fan of Just Herbs and this little lip balm tub is absolutely adorable. It has a lovely smell of coffee and keeps your lips moisturized for a long period of time.


Chamki Nail Polish (Rs: 150/- for 9 ml)


I love receiving full-sized make up with my FabBag. Haven’t applied it on my nails yet, but sure I will.

HIKARI COsmetics Eyeshadow- Haze (Full Size: Rs:1000/-)


This is what a broken heart looks like. Being a smokey eye obsessed, I absolutely love the colour. even though it’s broken, it’s skill my favourite product from the bag. I mailed the FabBag crew with this picture and I hope that they sent me a replacement.

Roots Professional Morocvita Oil (Rs.2000/- for 120ml)


My 2nd favourite product from the bag. I received a 5ml sample which will last me 3-4 application.


Overall, I loved this month’s FabBag. I just hope that I receive a replacement for the Eye Shadow.

There’s still one more day to order your own bag.

You can order it here www.fabbag.com

9 thoughts on “Fab Bag February 2016 Review”

  1. I got mine last week Friday. My Hikari lip crayon was broken too. I mailed them immediately with pics. Hope to get the same replacement. Rest all products were cool. N I got Cuccio nail color n I love it.

    1. To make it worse I received another parcel from a brand on the very same day which had a broken jar inside, which eventually cut my finger severely. It was a terrible day for me. Hope I receive the replacement for the eye shadow.

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