Hi guys, I thought I would give you all a peek of how I utilize my beauty boxes.

My Envy Box has always been my favourite beauty box and I love organizing and utilizing the boxes. Remember when the boxes were a little bigger in size? Yes, I’ve got a whole lot of them as well and they come real handy. However, I personally think that the smaller boxes which they send out now are much cuter. I clicked a picture of a few of them to show you guys how I utilize them.


So here’s how it goes…

I keep one box which is full of the perfume samples or other tiny samples which I am not using right away…


Another one is stuffed with my Korean Sheet Mask collection…


While the other one consists of some jewelries. I am not much of a jewelry person as you can tell from the picture. I only wear them when I am wearing ethnic, and I end up loosing them after one usage almost every time. So that explains why this box is almost empty.


The above box is my favourite one. My boy friend gave me this crown on my birthday. It was purchased from Claire’s and instead of packing it in a box, they packed it in a cute cardboard box. So the whole idea of organizing my Envy Boxes came in my mind when I was looking for a box to store the crown. Co-incidentally my birthday was the day after I received my September Envy Box so as soon as I laid my eyes on that months Envy Box I already knew what I am going to do with all the boxes.

For being the inspiration of this article I guess my crown needs a special applaud…

I love you my sparkling baby… 🙂 🙂 🙂



Do you recycle your beauty boxes or do you throw them away? Let me know on the comment section, I will be eager to read them…







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