So I received this lovely package from Aroma Essentials few days back and decided review starting with the bath salt.


I have never used a bath salt before and sure enough I had no idea what to expect from it and what not.

My Experience With Aroma Essential Bath Salt:


Starting with the packaging.  The bath salt comes in a little jute pouch with a string. Inside the pouch the bath salt is packed in an aluminium foil which is cool. However, the product doesn’t contain any ingredient list neither any instruction. Being a first time bath salt user I had no idea what I was doing but my instinct told me I should use 2-3 spoonful of it in my bathing water . Later when I googled it I figured I wasn’t wrong.

The texture of the bath salt is a lot similar to regular granulated salt and comes in an ocean blue colour. You can also expect to see some dried rose petals in your bath water. The bath salt completely dissolves in the bath water leaving the rose petals floating. The smell reminds me of late evening walks on the beach. It’s refreshing, it’s calming and it’s soothing.  The fragrance is somewhat a mixture of sea breeze and rose petals and it lingers in the bathing room for the rest of the day.


The bathing experience is as good as the fragrance. The experience is in no way inferior to a spa evening. Imagine having a rough day at work and you come home to take a refreshing shower and go on with your evening chores as if the rough day has never happened.


  • Refreshing
  • Ultimate bathing experience with soothing fragrance and floating rose petals
  • Smells heavenly
  • Gives a nice smelling washroom for the rest of the day


  • No product description
  • No ingredient list
  • No instruction or date of manufacture

Will I purchase it again?

If they upgrade the product with some descriptions.



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