Can’t believe there’s only 7 days left to Christmas. Also can’t believe that I am doing blogmas, and am starting it so late. In fact I never thought of doing blogmas, mainly because I was doing a 9-6 job until 13th December, and then I would be going to my hometown for Christmas, without taking my camera with me, and I didn’t want to post crappy pictures taken from my phone. However, after I shopped for Christmas like crazy, I thought it would be a pity if I wouldn’t give you guys a glimpse of the things I got myself for Christmas.

I have seen some bloggers doing blogmas throughout the Advent, that is 1st Dec to Christmas Eve. However, my blogmas is a little different since I started on 18th, so I will be posting throughout the Christmas week as well.

Firstly I would like to tell you guys, that I would be going to my hometown tomorrow, mmm, I mean today, it’s already 1.15 a.m. And my Christmas clothes already filled up a lot of space in my airbag so I decided to purchase only the things that I am not sure is available at my hometown. I didn’t wanna bring my camera with me cause my boy friend takes better care of them, so he is the baby sitters of both our cameras, and I will be staying home for like a month, so I decided to keep the cameras safe with him.

So starting with the baking haul…

Every year my mum bakes lots and lots of cakes during the winter, this year I have planned to bake with her. So I purchased some stuffs to start with. However, I didn’t wan’t to increase the number of my luggage by purchasing a lots of stuffs as I can always purchase them from my hometown, besides, I can as well use stuffs from my mom’s collection, ain’t that right?

What I got for Christmas baking


Baking Moulds

  • A 12 cup cupcake tray- Because Cupcakes… I am planning to make dark chocolate cupcakes with different icings and sprinkles.
  • Marshmallows – I need a lots of them. Mainly for the bonfires, and then for the chocolate chip and marshmallow recipe I found online. I am sure I will get more bags of these cute babies back at home.
  • Pastry brushes
  • Creamy Peanut Butter- Because Peanut Butter… Peanut Butter and Honey sandwich is my everyday go to breakfast. BUT I am a lover of crunchy peanut butter and have never tasted the creamy ones. However, I purchased a jar of the creamy ones to make peanut butter balls.


Peanut butter

Things yet to buy:

  • Christmas Cookie Cutter
  • Cupcake Liners

Rest of the things essential for Christmas baking will be there in my mum’s kitchen…

So don’t forget to come back to check out what my mum and I will be baking for Christmas…

Leaving it here…



P.S: Please, please, please forgive me for the poor picture quality, I wish I had a smaller camera which could be carried easily. 🙁