Being a nature lover, I often surf through other peoples’ Instagram account during my leisure time, looking for accounts that capture the beauty of nature at its best. Most often I take the time to appreciate the works of amateur photographers because sometimes less edited pictures are just as real as the view outside your window. One day, I came across this unusual account whose bio read “Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Photos”. I am no photographer, but something about the pictures caught my attention. They weren’t professionally taken photographs, neither they took me to a magical kingdom; they were just so real. Each picture made me wanna look outside my window and appreciate what I saw. I realised that I don’t need to travel across the oceans to take magical pictures. Don’t get me wrong, travelling is important, but how about appreciating the tree on your backyard on a lousy afternoon or simply look up to that deep blue sky and feel that amazing fresh breeze?
I don’t usually reach out to random account owners, but something about this account made me drop a message telling him/her that he/she has done a wonderful job. A reply came a few days later and I made a new friend in Croatia. Turned out that the account belongs to a 17-year-old shy girl whose parents doesn’t believe in her photography skills and thus she keeps on taking photographs using just her phone. The venues of her pictures are usually the front yard of her house or her grandmother’s house. Such a wonderful place to live in!
You might say that there are plenty of Instagram accounts that has collections of better pictures but I feel that appreciation fastens the process of an Ametuer to a professional and I am just glad to do my part.






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